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Who we are?

Nerostein is specialized in the production of granite, marble, quartz and acrylic worktops. Having very long experience in the field, we think that we know what the customers expect – top quality product, friendly and quick service and short delivery times at very reasonable prices. Nerostein is owned by Indrek Vallaste, Aire Aeg and Teuvo Sarena. Indrek Vallaste has 18 years of experience running a stone company, Aire Aeg has a long experience in selling stone worktops in the Finnish market, Teuvo Sarena has an experience of a couple of decades in the furniture business in Finland and Estonia

What do we do?

Nerostein produces granite, marble, quartz and acrylic worktops for both home and public areas. In addition to kitchen and bathroom tops we also manufacture window sills and staircases. In private homes our products are used primarily in kitchens and bathrooms. Significant part of the production is used in hotels, restaurants and hospitals.Our aim is to sell products to kitchen companies, building companies, architects and designers. Private customers can buy our products through the network of our resellers. Our sales efforts are concentrated on Scandinavian countries where we are offering also measuring up and fitting service.

How do we produce?

To produce the worktops we use mainly CNC machines and automated work processes. Experienced and motivated production team ensures high quality product and short delivery times. We have our own measuring up and fitting teams covering Finland, Sweden, Norway and Estonia. Thanks to efficient processes our delivery times are 1-2 weeks.



Here is our selection of materials

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Should I prefer granite, quartz, marble or acrylic work surfaces? All these materials have their own distinctive advantages.

Worksurface material Hardness in Mohs’ scale Advantages Disadvantages
Granite is with high density and low porosity 100% natural material that is pefectly suitable for both kitchen and bathroom worktops. We stock mainly polished granite, but in some colours also honed and leather finish are available.
7 100% natural, scratch resistant, heat resistant, big selection of colours, hygienic, easy to clean, all dark granites have very low porosity 0-0,2%. Light granites need to be sealed to reduce porosity. Even being sealed, light granites may temporarily get darker if a liquid stays on the surface for extended time. After drying thow, the original colour
For worktops Carrara marble is the most popular choice because it’s elegant and timeless look. We stock both honed and polished Carrara marble. Marble is not the most practical choice for kitchen worktops, but in some markets it is still extremely popular.
4 100% natural, beautiful marble look, heat resistant. Scratchable by hard objects, acids leave stains.
Quartz consists of 93% natural substances and 7% of pigments and resins. Quartz is with very low porosity and is one of the most practical materials for kitchen worktops.
7 Very difficult to break, scratch resistant, most colours are heat resistant, resistant to acids, hygienic, easy to clean, very low porosity 0,01%. Huge choice of colours. Black quartz is slightly softer than other colours as more pigment needs to be added.


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